Changes to electrical apprenticeships being pursued by employer groups will shift the cost of training onto young Aussies and their families - with no guarantee of a job.

Send a message to tell NECA and Master Electricians Australia that we won’t stand for these new changes and to keep their hands off our trade.

Australian apprenticeships are world renowned for their off-the-job electrical theory and on-the-job practical skills. And the great thing about Australia is that, right now, an electrical apprenticeship is accessible to anyone with the work ethic and technical capabilities to go out and pursue it. The current training system makes sure that young people don’t have to have rich parents to have a shot at our trades.

But the business groups have a "plan". They’re trying to introduce “flexible learning environments” that will see our kids doing online training without supervision, in their own time and for a fee - all separate to their on-the-job experience.

NECA have already taken up to $10m in taxpayer money to devise “alternative delivery methods” for apprenticeships. MEA have partnered with a disgraced outfit called Careers Australia to begin their own sub-standard training schemes.

NECA and MEA’s proposals will severely damage the standing of Australian electrical licenses. Their corner-cutting approach will see skills and knowledge deteriorate. Sparkies will start their careers under a mountain of debt. And these changes will make our workplaces less safe.

We need to let them know that we won’t stand for these new changes and to keep their hands off our trade. Read more about the new changes here.

Hands Off Our Trade

We know that MEA and NECA members, who are themselves licensed electricians, don’t all want to erode the quality of our license or our training.

We’re calling on all concerned Australians and electrical workers – whether you’re an ETU member, a NECA member, a MEA member or none of the above – to send a message to the boards of these organisations telling them we won’t stand for what their leaders are doing.

We know there are good people on these boards who don’t want to see our trade trashed. We want to let them know that we’ll back them up when they stand up to the suits who’ve taken over NECA and MEA.

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As employers of people who work in the electrical trades, we are concerned at attempts to water down and de-skill future Australian electricians.

It is vital to our business that we have tradespeople who are multi-skilled, who have broad technical knowledge, and have received training that is delivered in concert with on-the-job experience, and whose qualifications and licences can be absolutely relied on to represent the pinnacle of competence and reliability.

The changes that Master Electricians and NECA are proposing threatened the integrity of Australian electrical qualifications. This will result in the next generation of Australian electricians becoming less skilled, less aware and less reliable than this one.

As an electrical contractor, these are not risks we can afford. Our livelihood, and that of our employees, depends on the integrity of Australian electrical training.

  • We are one hundred percent opposed to institutionalised up-front training that separates classroom learning from practical training.

  • We oppose the re-introduction of night school for apprentices.

  • We oppose theoretical electrical training delivered through on-line platforms without the suitable guidance of a qualified trainer/assessor present in a classroom environment.

  • We thoroughly oppose the breakdown of the electrical trade through the narrowing of qualifications into skill sets or different exit points within the training package.

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